19th International
Furniture Fair
6-9 September 2023
ANFAŞ - Antalya Expo Center

CNR 19th International Furniture Fair gains further strength in Antalya!

With the aim of unlocking new markets for the furniture industry and enhancing international competitiveness, CNR 19th International Furniture Fair takes place in Antalya, the highly sought-after destination for domestic and international buyers. Organized at ANFAŞ - Antalya Expo Center between November 6-9, 2023, the exhibition adds a major contribution to the global furniture industry.


Becoming a prime city in tourism and agricultural production through its high-volume trade activities, Antalya also stands out in the industry sector and welcomes a significant number of professional buyers from countries such as Russia, Iran, Iraq, Ukraine, and the Turkic Republics.

CNR Mobilya: A Captivating Fusion of Styles and Trends

Feel the pulse of furniture fashion! It takes a new form through the latest sector-based trends and themes, all of which reveal the best sides of doing business at CNR Mobilya.


Antalya offers an ideal atmosphere for trading through its top-class hotels and attraction centers, physical qualities such as airports and ports, and favorable climate advantages. Different nations have been living together peacefully in the city, which has become a center of attention throughout the world with its peaceful and conciliatory approach in the recent period.

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